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Sulfur Bentonite

JM Fertilizer is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Mega-S Sulfur Bentonite produced by RSS AG Products in Texas City, Texas.

Mega-S Sulfur is a water degradable, free flowing sulfur in pastille form. Mega-S Sulfur has been produced to be applied both directly to sulfur deficient areas as well as being sized for blending with MAP, KCL, or solid NPK formulation fertilizers. When it is applied, the soil moisture will interact with our top-quality Muldoon Minerals bentonite to quickly break down the elemental S to very fine particle size, which will more rapidly convert to plant-available sulfate (SO4).

Our material is made to provide high test S in physical form that is quickly available to plants, as well as providing continuous sulfate (SO4) production and release throughout the growing cycle.

We are excited to announce that Mega-S (0-0-0-90S) produced by RSS AG Products is now an OMRI listed product!