JM Fertilizer is a wholesale distributor of fertilizer products across the NPK and specialty spectrum. Utilizing our long-term relationships with international producers, JM Fertilizer imports fertilizer to coastal markets in North America. JM Fertilizer is an active wholesale participant in NOLA, buying and selling barges for distribution along the Mississippi river system. 

JM Fertilizer distributes liquid UAN at three terminals in Hamilton, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

JM Fertilizer is active in the trade and marketing of various NPK fertilizers and raw materials into Central and South America. Additionally, JM Fertilizer acts as a marketing arm for Eva-Fert AG located in Switzerland. Eva-Fert's strength is sourcing fertilizer products globally with a particular focus on long-term relationships in the CIS and China.

JM Fertilizer offers all relevant supporting operational services including shipping, financing, insurance, forwarding, and warehousing. 

Our team is highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced. At JM Fertilizer no business is too big or small. We handle everything from 9.5kg bags to full ocean going vessels. We look forward to working with you soon!